The International Scientific Conference “Paul Celan in the Context of the European Culture”
Bucharest, September 24th- 26th, 2009

On the occasion of the presentation of the opera “Celan” by the German composer Peter Ruzicka in the National Opera House of Bucharest the International Music Festival “George Enescu” ( organizes together with the German Studies Society of Romania and the “Paul Celan” Research and Excellence Centre of the German Department of the University of Bucharest an international scientific conference dedicated to Paul Celan’s poetic work in the context of the European culture.

The conference will take place between September 24 and 26, 2009, in the meeting hall of the Hotel Radisson SAS, Victoriei Street 63-81, Bucharest. The scientific supervision has been trusted to Professor George Guţu, one of the most renowned Romanian specialists in the poetry of Paul Celan, and to Professor Ioana Crăciun-Fischer, a well known specialist in German literature and culture.

The conference participants come from Romania (George Guţu, Andrei Corbea-Hoişie, Bianca Bican, Gabriel H. Decuble), Austria (Helga Mitterbauer), Germany (Barbara Wiedemann, Iulia-Karin-Patrut, Horst Schuller, Markus Fischer), Switzerland (Hans-Jürgen Schrader), Italy (Camilla Miglio, Irene Fantappiè, Gabriella Sgambatti), Ukraine (Peter Rychlo), Japan (Yoshihiko Hirano, Hiroaki Sekiguchi), South Korea (Young-Ae Chon) and Norway (Sissel Laegreid).

Among the themes to be discussed at the conference are: Paul Celan and the Romanian culture (literary and cultural interferences with the poetic work of such authors as Lucian Blaga, Tudor Arghezi, Al. Philippide, Virgil Teodorescu, Gellu Naum); thematical similitudes and literary friendships with Romanian writers such as Nina Cassian and Petre Solomon; Paul Celan’s poetic creation and its relation with the poetry of other authors from Bukovina such as Rose Ausländer, Moses Rosenkranz, Alfred Margul-Sperber, Alfred Gong, Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger, Immanuel Weissglas; elements of Jewish history, tradition and culture in Paul Celan’s poetry; the critical reception of Paul Celan’s poetry in Romania and in Europe; the reception of Paul Celan’s poetry in music and in arts; Paul Celan as a translator of Russian, English and French literature; Paul Celan’s correspondence with Ingeborg Bachmann, Max Frisch, Nelly Sachs; the translation of Paul Celan’s poetry in various languages; the contribution of Paul Celan’s poetic creation and theoretical writings in redefining the concept of literature in the 20th century; the intercultural dimension of Paul Celan’s poetry.

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